Fuckboy Bye

eaff9607352e5795da4942b5f93ec2daA few months ago I was seeing a fuck boy. When I say seeing, we never actually went on a date. Our date night would consist of (not) watching films then ordering a food delivery before either one of us left after a few hours and woke up in our own beds. Barely any texting in between, not even friends with benefits, just the benefits.

This arrangement worked out fine, we were very discreet in that we didn’t tell anyone about it. There were lunchtime quickies whereby we’d both leg it out of the office at 1pm, meet at my apartment and get back to the office by 1.45pm with carpet burns, so to speak.

Then, after work one night having drinks with friends his name came up, but not from me. He had apparently spent the previous weekend with his ex-girlfriend and the photos on Instagram were passed round while people commented ‘that relationship is so on and off’. Meanwhile I’m sat there knowing full well he came over to mine that weekend, seemingly after spending the day with his ex. I’d had a couple of drinks, and although we barely text inbetween meets, I messaged him simply ‘don’t speak to me again’. That was that.

A few more weeks passed before I received a reply asking what he had done. At this point I had moved on and had forgotten about that situation. I replied telling him why but that it’s old news and I’m over it now. He denied it all, but I wasn’t petty enough to find the photo, screenshot it, then send it to him. Even though I had found the photo within milliseconds.

Two weeks later, which brings us to the weekend just gone: ‘hey..how are you? .. still pissed at me’ *sad face*. It was him.

‘Good thanks, not mad’. This turned into a short exchange of messages before I received a snapchat the following day. A selfie.

If this isn’t the behaviour of someone who’s just become single and needs some female attention from a past conquest, then I don’t know what is.

Sure enough, I was right. I asked outright, well rather I told him it’s clear he’s single again. I got the sob story about how messy his situation is, how he’s been on the sofa for months, blaaah.

I’m not sure what my role in this is meant to be now. To me I had a casual thing with a single guy, he went off the radar because he got back with his ex, now he’s single again he’s back in contact, maybe thinking we’ll pick things up again, who knows? But I’ve moved on and approaching 28 so casual flings, although it was fun- no doubt about that, were just that. Casual. It’s not something I am actively seeking. So in two words, okay three: fuck-boy bye.