During a serious four year relationship, the founder of this site learned that her boyfriend was living a double life. After swiftly ending things with him she embarked upon a journey into dating which began with joining the infamous app; Tinder. What ensued were dates so unbelievable that everyone she told encouraged her to document them.

From turning up to a date in a pub in Marylebone wearing the same outfit as the guy, to flying out for a first date to Dubai, and getting stuck in an apartment with talking parrots and a hooker addict (not in the same date), the drama and hilarity didn’t and hasn’t stopped.

This is a site documenting the dating experiences of a British twenty-something single girl who started this blog while in London in 2013 and is now working in the media industry.. in Dubai

Also a platform for YOU to contribute your own stories and continue sharing relatable and crazy anecdotes.