by Write by Tanisha


Today marks the beginning of the next stage in my life. Deep, cheesy even, but true. (deep & cheesy totally just made me think of pizza)..

It has taken eight laborious months to complete the sale of mine and the exes home, and 2 years since I finished with his sorry ass (though he never actually was sorry, or at least never told me he was). Today it was all confirmed and I handed (chucked with joy) my keys over. I instantly paid off my credit card in full meaning no more debt lurking over me and whispering in my ear when I see a pair of Louboutins flash it’s red sole at me on the other side of the glass.


My fav responses to when I found out the completion date

The last two years, although I’ve admittedly had the best time of my far (being single has been frickin’ awesome), they’ve also been a burden. I’ve had this property and liability of a mortgage hanging over me but I instantly feel a sense of freedom, exhilarated if you will. I have zero commitment apart from paying my rent and smashing my career, it literally feels like a massive weight has been lifted and I’m a very positive person already, so this has just made me realise how strained I actually felt.

At the same time something else happened, call it a coincidence, call it fate, whatevs. I was contacted by an old colleague of mine whom I hadn’t seen in over a year but she thought of me because of my writing and obsession with fashion and beauty. She gave me a proposal of setting up my own business as part of the fastest growing global beauty, health and wellness brand for men and women- Arbonne. I met up with her and everything just fell into place. I agreed to test the products and started getting compliments after two days of using them, the eye bags I carry around on a daily basis have totally vanished (god, how sales-ey did that sound). Anything that works miracles (trust me, my bags keep YSL’s Touche Eclat in business) like that is worth an investment, not to mention the following it has by Kim K, among various other A-listers. It’s totally botanical so vegans will love it, and also ships worldwide so if you’re wanting sun-damage-free skin in Dubai, I can work that miracle 😉

I’m in the early stages but essentially I now have my own business aside from my 9-5 job in advertising and psychology which I also love and dedicate 100% of my working hours to. Link to the eye stuff I’ve been using:ème-7385,2312.aspx

So I don’t know what this all means, I haven’t always been the luckiest but I’m the most appreciative and grateful. If you have an easy ride in life then you won’t know how to deal with the crap when it inevitably surfaces.  Maybe we need to stop being a ‘poor me’ society and just do what we can to make ourselves happy.

I am totes ready for the next chapter, be it expanding my business, heading up the next company office, marrying a tall dark and handsome babe abroad..(!) or focussing on having the best time without worrying. Bring. It. On.

This is what they call closure. Everyone needs it. Now excuse me while I spend this bank holiday weekend getting well and truly SLOSHED.