International Dater Extraordinaire

by Write by Tanisha

Update: NYC

Dubai guy and I have decided to become international daters. This entails no commitment from eachother, other than committing to meeting in a different country at every date.

We have come up with a bucket list, be it a weekend away in New York (which is happening in October) or two weeks skiing the Alps, we’ve got it sussed.

I can’t commit to a long distance relationship. So, he can go on a Friday brunch in Dubai and roll in at 4am and I won’t moan. I can go out and come in off my face on gin, starfish face first on my bed and I won’t have 20 questions about where I’ve been, no argument of having to explain why I need the entirety of the bed to result in demoting him to the floor. It’s the best of both worlds! To be fair, we have been ‘out out’ a bit recently and both of us will message when we’re home, but not because we feel we have to, we just want to. Plus clearly we aren’t getting lucky with anyone else..

So an October weekend is our third country in the bucket list of dates. First was Dubai, second London, third New York. As he’s a writer he will be reviewing a hotel in NY to save us that cost- of which I’ve sent him a shortlist of the best to approach, and I have booked us brunch at A-list fav Balthazar. We’ll watch the sun set at the MET and probably get lost between skyscrapers, and quite frankly, I am buzzing about my new date bucket list.

It’s perfect. No stress of a relationship but with the adventure and excitement of the honeymoon period, every single time, exploring a different city/country/continent.

If either of us find someone else, then we’ll stop of course. Until then, bring on the next adventure..