You’re Fatter Than Your Photos

by Write by Tanisha

tinder-fat-guy-girlThis morning a client, friend and reader of my blog emailed me a link. It was of two videos. Before watching, I read the premise of it and got the gist that a woman had posted photos of her real self, a super toned hot blonde who easily attracted Tinder likes. In a social experiment, she agreed to be Mrs Doubtfired-up into a fat suit to meet the guys she had matched with, the results were sad.

At first I thought ‘well, if you go and meet someone who looks totally different to their photos, I would be annoyed, it’s a lie from the start isn’t it?’ then I watched the videos.

The way the guys go about treating this woman for putting what they thought were old photos up, is just vile. It proves that dating apps like Tinder aren’t just shallow, but they’re attracting small minds (in this case). A couple of these guys were talking to her over the app for weeks before setting up a date, they obviously liked her enough to meet just going by her personality.

One guy admits he was ‘agitated’ and ‘wasted gas to come here’ to meet the fattened up hottie. However, the ONE lucky guy who stuck it out and got to know her as a person, was told the truth come the end of the date and he didn’t seem to mind either way, a diamond in the rough.

On the contrary, the experiment also did the same thing with a man. Dressed an average looking guy up into a fat suit and his conquests turned up for the date. The girls all stayed, even if they questioned the photos, they stayed. One even kissed him.

So, is this proof that men are shallower than women? Would a guy rather be with an absolute stunner with no personality or brain? Does a girl care less about a guys look as long as she gets on with him and keeps her on her toes?

If this experiment is anything to go by, we are the fairer sex, and kinder..

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating obesity and I do get that people want to see the photos in reality, hell I look 10x better in my photos than real life, but what I’m saying is be kind. If the person in the photo doesn’t look like themselves, they’ve put on a few pounds, have dyed their hair, whatever, there is no need for the mean reactions. Stick it out a bit longer and you never know, you could end up marrying ’em.