Style on Screen Set to Save your Date Outfit Dilemmas

by Write by Tanisha


Your first date has been set with the fitty off of another new dating app. This time will be different, surely, might be the future husband, this app is classier after all.. so now for the most important part of pre date prep, what to wear? Maybe channel Mrs Kardashian-West? Show off the booty (in a demure way of course). You wish. If we could all afford Balmain dresses, then yeah sure, the butt might have a chance, but living for happy hour means Balmain is a no go until you meet your future, rich husband.

So then what? You’ve seen this bloody dress in all the magazines and need it, in fact it’s niggling you, there’s got to be a look-a-like? YES. There is. The answer to all our celeb ‘wish we could afford’ clothes prayers has been answered. Finally.

Style on Screen find the outfits worn by celebs, and respond to tweets by all of us clothes hungry girls & boys. They will tell you what the original is, where you can buy it and also copycat versions and prices, thus saving flippin’ hours googling “where can I get Kim’s Balmain dress cheaper?”

Their new website launched today due to popular demand after two years operating from Twitter. It’s community led and driven, where people can share and help to find outfits and you can build your own portfolio of outfits to share. Everyone’s a winner.

After being given first dibs to play around on the site last week, I loved the follow feature. If you like a particular celeb’s style, or a TV show i.e TOWIE, you can follow them and get all their outfit info, fast. You can then choose what you want to do with the outfit, by clicking either “Share, Want or Buy” you have the power.

Suffice to say I’m now following Victoria Beckham’s style, not that I don’t already but now I know how I can channel her by buying more affordable versions of her style. This is bloody exciting.

The site also includes the handy feature of telling you what celeb and outfit is trending on social media at any given time, literally trending trends in real time.

I’m addicted and I’m sure this is going to be every first dater’s go-to website from now on. Visit for your site announcement