We Met Again in Ascot.. and New York

by Write by Tanisha

A lot has happened since my last post.. Dubai guy had a work trip to Ascot and we stayed at Cowarth Park, part of The Dorcester Collection luxury hotels. It was a perfect weekend. While he played golf for work at Wentworth, I relaxed in the roll top bath, ordered room service, walked the grounds, then joined him to watch The Ryder Cup with the Director of the golf club, among other journalists.


We went out for lunch, drank good wine, relaxed in our robes back in the room then said our goodbyes on the Monday morning, back to work as normal.


Two weeks after that, I flew to New York where we met again. We stayed in a tower suite on the 51st floor of The New York Palace hotel on Madison Avenue, where neither of us would dream of being able to afford for a weekend, but luckily his job meant we stayed at the compliements of the hotel.


We got lost among the skyscrapers, had brunch, drank champagne (and tequila) till 5am and sipped on cocktails at a speakeasy. We had real American food and bumped into Cara Delevigne in Bloomingdales. It was another wondrous weekend together.


Now what? We live on different continents and we aren’t in an exclusive relationship, we both have great jobs in said continents and neither of us are going to be moving any time soon. So, is my international dating idea a bad one?

I know it can’t work (we have both said we can’t do a long distance relationship) I know that there are potential relationship opportunities in London right under my nose. And yes, I know it’s stupid and I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket..