The Modern Day Tinder Tale

by Write by Tanisha

A modern day ‘fairy tale’? I disagree. The modern day fairy tale should encompass everything about the traditional, chivalrous Cinderella type fairy tale. But we’re lacking one thing. Conscience.

Guys are rarely chivalrous on a Tinder date, I mean how many people are really expecting to find their future wives on an app? If it happens, then great, the future of Best Men speeches will be riddled with Tinder inspired jokes of how the happy couple met. And you know, there’s nothing wrong with that, if couples are genuinely meeting this way and falling in love. However, the percentile of that happening is low.

Tinder is usually a platform in which we fancy the photos, possibly meet up, get blind drunk on the entire cocktail menu, then inevitably- if you’re part of the majority- get lucky. I have a friend who did a similar thing to this video. She went on a Tinder date, nothing untoward happened, a few weeks later he got back in touch, they met for a drink or six, and she went back to his. She snuck out of his apartment at around 1am once he had started snoring and ordered her Uber outta there.

Bad decisions make for good stories, but for her it wasn’t necessarily a bad decision. She knew he wasn’t marriage material, but she wanted to take advantage of the situation, so she did. How many times do you hear about guys having one night stands and never calling again? Well this time it seems, whether right or wrong, girls have the upper hand.

But no, we as girls don’t want to get a name for ourselves, so we still dote on the fact that we want the fairy tale ending, the prince charming to court us and shower us with gifts. But when we actually get a guy like that, we think he’s a bit keen and it puts us off..unless.. we like him first. If we are obsessed with a guy, then he starts the showering, that makes us happy, Cinderella eat your heart out.

So, my point. This video points out the very disappointingly realistic reality of dating today. Whether we like it or not, it happens. A lot. But it’s no fairy tale. I really hope there is more to girls and boys these days, I hope it’s a temporary phase of this generation and what we all eventually want, is ye olde happy ending- the traditional way.