Week Three of the F45 Challenge

by Write by Tanisha

19th-25th February

Three weeks down and I’ve lost 5kg, which is 11lbs! I fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear for 18 months and I can see the beginnings of my abs. I still haven’t deviated from the plan and I’m really enjoying it. Even if I’m spending my weekend nights binge watching Friends instead of binge eating with my friends, oh and spending hours in the supermarket looking for rice malt syrup. Yeah I’d never heard of it either.

The food last week consisted of red meat, which I never cook or buy usually (because I watched Cowspiracy and almost turned vegan, for about 30 seconds), fish like tuna & salmon, and still no sugar. There was a lot of protein,  having eggs every day still hasn’t bugged my stomach so I’m thinking my intolerance may now be tolerant?!


A typical day on week 3: Breakfast: eggs and kale. Snack: celery with blackbean dip Lunch: tuna with lentils, red pepper & red onion. Afternoon snack: tinned salmon with cucumber. Dinner: Courgette, beef, rocket, pinenuts & balsamic dressing

I went to F45 for five days then did swing yoga and went for a run for the remaining two days. Today I’m taking a total rest and meeting a friend at a Nordic spa after work for two hours of treatments and relaxation.

I think it’s important to take one day every couple of weeks to abstain from any kind of exercise if you’re doing it every day. I’ve found this plan so addictive I feel really guilty if I have a day off from working out, and thus I end up going for a run to satiate my guilt, but actually I realise I need a day off totally because it’s not healthy to become so obsessive about it.


Thursday run after work

Week 3-6 (totalling 4 weeks) is the longest phase of the challenge and the next two weeks are going to be tough because I have a lot of events coming up, starting with a hen-do on Friday which will be the first time alcohol passes my lips in over a month, and there will be a lot of food. I’m going to be as careful as I can without being noticeably boring, hens=games=shots, so I might need my stomach pumped.

I’ll prep my food for Saturday in order to get straight back on the wagon rather than order a double pepperoni pizza to soak up the tequila. Here’s to another healthy week (till Friday!!).